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ISO tank containers are designed to transport and store both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and gases in bulk, including–but not limited to–automotive fuels and lubricants, liquefied gases (LNG and LPG) and flammables and corrosives; they can also be used for liquid food-grade products (including beverages). The tank is built in accordance with ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization), the aim of which is to create a standardized process of manufacture so that elements are interchangeable regardless of the location. In many instances, tank containers are a preferred option over drums, as they are safer and more cost effective.

Tank containers consist of a (stainless) steel cylinder surrounded by a protective 10-20-40 foot container frame. This allows the tank to be easily transported by road, rail and sea. Insulation guarantees a temperature-controlled environment, allowing the container to be heated or cooled. The product is inserted through the filling port at the top of the barrel and usually discharged through the bottom outlet, either by gravity, pump or pressure. After discharge, the tank container is taken to a recognized cleaning station, cleaned thoroughly for the product it was previously carrying and then prepared for its next load.

An example of the use of our tanks is extending energy supply chains, also called virtual pipelines. LNG is increasingly being viewed as an alternative to fossil-based fuels. Delivery of the gas in our UN T75 tank containers opens energy options for cities and remote locations. Our LNG tanks carry worldwide approval and provide market-leading tare weights and capacities.

Our strength is in our ability to offer solutions by working with our customers and understanding their requirements. The tanks are the most updated UN T75 design and cannot be compared to older IMO7 series vessels for performance and payloads, hold times and maintenance costs. Beerenstank UN T75 tanks can provide up to 110 days of hold time for LNG. Contact us for specifications


We adhere to standards and use transparent and well-documented procedures that specifically cover on-hire and off-hire processes. In this way, we provide peak safety and quality levels for our customers. We provide you with professional expertise and fulfill your needs and requirements so that you can enjoy a worry-free lease period. In addition, we provide creative ideas and innovative equipment and material, and continuously improve our services, thanks to our customer feedback.

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